Tim Laman


Photographic books that Tim has contributed to along with textbooks that use his photography on the cover and/or inside.

Hornbills Of The World is a photographic guide that gives descriptions of all the species and other general information like their unique breeding behavior.  Tim’s photographs are used for most of the Asian species of hornbills.  You can purchase this book at our book store.
Tropical Rain Forests: An Ecological and Biogeographical Comparison Second Edition looks at the differences and similarities of the 5 major tropical rain forests around the world..  There are around 25 of Tim's images used inside the book along with his photograph of the blue bird of paradise on the cover.This book can be purchased at Amazon.com.
The iLCP produced this book on the state of our Earth's freshwater ecosystems.  The book explains how they are in peril and has many photographs which illustrate this as well as the beauty all over our planet.  Tim has three images in this book, one of which is a double page spread of whooper swans in lake Kussharo.To learn more about the book and to purchase, visit the iLCP website.
This biology text book by Starr, Taggart, Evers and Starr is adorned with two of Tim's photographs.  The two were chosen because they illustrate mutualism.  The top picture is of a wrinkled hornbill eaing a strangler fig.  The lower image is of two species of sea anemone with two different anemone fish.This book can be purchased at Amazon.com.
Nature gives us many things for free and we must protect our natural resources to be able to continue to receive the wonderful benefits.  This book surveys the wide range of ecosystem services.To learn more or to purchase The Wealth of Nature please visit the iLCP website.
This textbook by Karleskint, Turner and Small takes an ecological approach to Marine Biology.  Tim's pictures of the schooling bannerfish is on the cover and most of the chapter openers are Tim's pictures as well.This textbook can be purchased at Amazon.com.
This book examines the impact of climate change on the world’s biodiversity and takes a closer look at the most important challenges facing our planet.To learn more and to purchase the book please visit the iLCP website.
National Geographic's Visions of Paradise is a collection of beautiful photographs exhibits the miracle of nature that fill us with wonder.  The images cover the entire planet from the penguins of Antarctica to the jungle of the Congo.This book can be purchased at Amazon.com.
National Geographic's The Wildlife Photographs is a collection of more than 170 of National Geographic’s best wildlife photographs are organized by habitat.
National Geographic's Through the Lens is a collection of 250 images that represents the large breath of their archive.  Tim has four photographs in Asia's wildlife: a hornbill, Red-crowned crane, snow monkey, and proboscis monkey.This book can be purchased at Amazon.com.
This book features some of the best work held at the National Geographic Image Collection.  Images are from as far back as the late 19th century and cover topics like wildlife, exploration, and science in all different types of styles.  This book can be purchased at the National Geographic Store.