Tim Laman


Tim traveled with a group of scientists to the Foja Mountains range in 2007 and 2008. They were the first to explore the area documenting all species they encountered from tree kangaroos to moths. On these trips they discovered many new species.

An aerial view of the Foja Mountains which stand over 7,200 feet high.
The expedition started with flying into the village of Kwemba before taking a helicopter to the bog in the Foja Mountains.
A male yellow-fronted bowerbird (Amblyornis flavifrons) perched near his bower in the rainforest.
The Mamberamo River winds though the foothills of the Foja Mountains.
Ornithologist Bruce Beehler preforming an aerial survey of the Foja Mountains in a heliocopter.
This bog is a natural clearing in the rainforest of the Foja Mountains.  It was used as the landing site and where one of the camps was set up.
A long-tailed pygmy-possum (Cercartetus c.f. caudatus) in the Foja Mountains.
A Tree frog (Nyctimistes pulchra) on a leaf in the Foja Mountains.
Australian herpetologist Paul Oliver records the call of a frog outside of camp in the Foja Mountains.
The endangered Salvadori's teal (Anas waigiuensis) in the bog pond with a perfect reflection.
A critically endangered long-beaked echidna (Zaglossus bartoni) searching for worms at night.
Bruce Beehler with a wattled smoky honeyeater (Melipotes carolae) which was first discovered on the 2005 trip to the Foja Mountains.
Top Left - Red Myzomela (Myzomela cruentata)Top Right - Ashy Robin (Poecilodryas albispecularis)Bottom Left - Chestnut-backed Jewel-babbler (Ptilorrhoa castanonotus)Bottom right - Unidentified Parakeet
This painted ringtail possum (Pseudochirulus forbesi) was found at approximately 6,560 feet in the upper montane forest of the Foja Mountains.
A portrait of a Agamid lizard (Hypsilurus modestus).
A new endemic species of a woolly giant rat (Mallomys sp. nov.) was first discovered in 2007
Collecting large diversity of moth species with a couple of lights and a sheet.
Four different species of moths attracted to light trap set up at Bog Camp in the Foja Mountains at 1650 m.
Looking up into the canopy of the mossy montane rainforest.
Yellow-fronted Bowerbird (Amblyornis flavifrons) female visiting a bower in the Foja Mountains.
The critically endangered Golden-mantled tree-kangaroo (Dendrolagus goodfellowi pulcherrimus) was photographed by a camera trap.
Moss detail of a bog in the Foja Mountains.
A Spike-nosed tree frog, also know as the
Paul Oliver reaches to a frog (Rana sp.) on a nightly collection hike.
Nine different species of frogs found in the Foja Mountains.
A portrait of a Feline owlet nightjar (Aegotheles insignis).
A  new species of Gecko (Cyrtodactylus sp. nov.) discovered at 3,940 feet up in the Foja Mountains.
A new species of blossom bat.
Aerial view of the Foja Mountains rain forest.